“We live for football!” – Moto for Houston Super Bowl 2017

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Ric Campo, President of Camden Properties, is on the Houston Super Bowl Board and spoke at this month’s CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) monthly luncheon. The process for applying as a city candidate included securing 20,000 hotel rooms, booking all large venues over 5,000 SF, scheduling 750 buses, fire and security commitments and contracts with all city officials (all on some unknown weekend in January)! To fulfill the development requirements, three new hotels will be built downtown including Hampton Inn and JW Marriot, as well as, three new multi-story apartment projects, and three new office towers.

What sold the Super Bowl Host Committee on Houston (and not Miami) was a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CSuiK5LWHaU) highlighting Houstonians LIVING for football. The two untapped target markets for the Super Bowl are the Hispanic population and women so that became a large part of the theme. The 10 day event will be called Super Bowl El Centro and requires 10,000 volunteers, $45-50 million and many beautification projects. George R. Brown is planned to get a new face lift and planting new trees around downtown will be part of the decorations (yes, trees can be permanent decorations)!

Forbes said Houston is “the coolest city in America” so we are going to show this off in 2017! We live for football!!

Visit the official Houston Super Bowl website for more information (http://housuperbowl.com)

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