“Going green….or going BIKING?”

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CCIM Luncheon – Director of Planning for City of Houston – Patrick Walsh – April 2014

The newly elected Director of Planning spoke about the exciting projects going on in the City of Houston. There are already 2,600 plat submittals this year compared to 2,178 for all of 2013, so the public works department is busy (and sloooooowwww IMO).

Houston was named the #1 city nationwide for population increase so plans are getting set in place for parking, different forms of commuting and METRO Light Rail expansion. If you have not used your eco-friendly two wheeler transportation device in a while, get ready because biking will have to become a more common transportation method, says Walsh. The Comprehensive Biking Plan includes additional striping for safe biking on the streets and a Bayou Trail Initiative to complete biking and pedestrian trails throughout all of the Houston bayous.

The City of Houston has developed a new mapping tool to help be more transparent with the citizens of Houston.  From looking at the permits pulled to platting applications, you can view specific activity in your neighborhood.   It shows you the police and fire jurisdiction, as well as, local parks and historical districts. Visit mycity.houstontx.gov and then click on My City Map Viewer to check it out!

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