“A future CCIM in your presence…hopefully!”

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After being in the business for 5 years now (yes I started in the bottom of the 2009 market), I have been wanting to learn more of the financial details related to the investment side of the business. We are working on many investment requirements for clients and the best investment education is the CCIM Designation (http://www.ccim.com/about-ccim/what-ccim).

I have completed two out of the four week long education requirements, with two to go. I will need to complete a portfolio indicating my career deal volume, as well as, three different recommendation letters from a client, broker and the local CCIM chapter. I am planning to take the comprehensive exam in Los Angeles in October of this year to complete my designation and officially become a CCIM! www.ccim.com

CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is a global commercial real estate network across North America and 30 countries. This in depth skill set includes financial analysis, user decision analysis, market analysis, and investment analysis to assist clients with their real estate decisions. There are more than 13,000 real estate professionals that have earned this CCIM designation.


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